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Phil & Krista's Punta Cana Destination Wedding

Krista and Phil came to my husband and I's (Julie's) destination wedding four years ago in Mexico. Krista has basically been a part of our family since forever but it was the first time most of us met Phil - I'll be honest ... he stole the show :) To this day he is still the most talked about "thing" from our wedding and we wouldn't have it any other way. These two are seriously two of the funnest people you could possibly know. They told us then that they would be having a destination wedding and and they stuck to it! Of course I agree that destination weddings are awesome, you get to spend a whole week with all your closest family and friends AND get to get married in a little piece of paradise. It was a honor to not only be able to spend this time with you but also photograph your wedding, I couldn't be happier for you ! Love you both so much xo

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