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Aubrey & Kylee's Scotland Isle Of Sky Engagement

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Traveling and adventures is what we live for. Primarily photographing weddings in Kelowna and being able to use all the beautiful landscapes the Okanagan has to offer is truly amazing. BUT every once in a while when you get to put that on hold and travel to new destinations to photograph couples in love, in the most beautiful corners of the earth you have to pinch yourself because you truly are living a dream come true. The Isle Of Skye in Scotland is known for its breathtaking landscapes. We only had a short window for photos but we made the best of it! We hiked up the Old Mann Of Storr, raced the light, almost got blown off but it was worth it all. These two amazing people were on a quest in Scotland for answers to family heritage so Kylee's Wilson plaid scarf was the perfect accessory to a Scotland engagement. 

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