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Photographer Mentoring

Mentoring Sessions


Whether you’re just starting out in photography, are currently in a creative rut or are looking to get your business back on track.


Mentoring Session on Shooting / models provided - approximately 1 hour


Sessions can include (but are not limited to)

  • Finding good light and what to do in different conditions

  • Posing and direction

  • How to make your clients comfortable


Mentoring Session on Business & Workflow / over coffee - approximately 1 hour


Sessions can include (but are not limited to) 

  • How to attract your ideal client and find your niche

  • Pricing

  • Branding

  • Workflow, editing and productivity

  • Advertising and how to get noticed

  • Customer service and how to book more clients



Strategic Branding Sessions / over coffee - approximately 1 hour


The purpose of these sessions is to dive into your current portfolio and pull out you BEST work.

I’m a big believer that your social media and website should have an incredibly clear message about who you are, and what you shoot best.

We’ll dive into your work, pulling out those shots that are going to get you noticed, as well as coming up with a strategic plan of how best to display them, and correctly market yourself.

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