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Hi There!

We are Matt & Julie, a tight-knit team passionate about telling adventurous love stories all around the worldWe concentrate on telling stories that focus on what really matters, documenting your love in amazing environments. This is what drives us and what fulfills our creative passion, we combine the best of each other’s experience and skills to produce really powerful and stunning imagery that you’ll fall in love with.  


For the Love of Adventure.

The Okanagan is home base for us, but we love to travel anywhere in the world!

About Us


A native of Winnipeg Manitoba, Matt studied Fine Art at the University of Manitoba before venturing out to Calgary, Alberta to continue his studies in the field of Architecture. Following completing his studies in Architecture Matt moved to the beautiful Okanagan Valley and now combines his studies behind the lens.


The combination of all mediums continues to be the perfect mix for Matt, as he continues his journey in the photography realm.

When Matt isn’t photographing for clients, he is out travelling the world or exploring the beautiful back country of British Columbia.  

Random Facts About Matt

When travelling Matt seeks out food eating challenges. There is no challenge he won't take on. He currently has an over .500 record on challenges.

Julie's love for photography started many years ago as one of my life long favorite things to do, is to look through old photo albums at the unique story each picture tells. Photos should be a honest and real representation of who you are throughout the stages of your life.  Together we can capture just that and freeze moments in time that would other wise be gone.


Storytelling and creativity make my soul sing and that's my goal for each and every photoshoot, yours included ! 

Random Facts About Julie

When Julie was in grade three she tripped over a flat soccer ball and broke her arm. Needless to say, sports were not her thing. She has since gotten over her fear of athleticism and ran two marathons.

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